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Ok. Bad news and good news. There was no riot. The whole thing took place in a little jewish church on Foothill Road. The turn out was somewhat inspiring, the energy and enthusiasm even more so despite the fact that most of the people there were geriatrics. I felt extremely out of place but deep down I knew we all had something in common. The afternoon began with some speakers, not all women, which made me feel less out of place. After that a woman told everyone her story about the abortion she got before Roe v. Wade even happened. Next it was a panel; A gynecologist (male), a female Presbyterian minister (or whatever they call them), and an avid activist in the Separation of Church and State (also male). Each of them had a way of speaking that kept things interesting. After that is was another speaker, this one MUCH more vocal. She got up there and moved around pitching her voice wherever she pleased. She had much more energy than I ever expected anyone to have in any church. Especially a jewish one. Anyway, after that we got to get up and walk around the room signing pre-written angry letters to various people, including George W. Bush, on the subject of choice. Signed a big banner they plan to send to Bush. Everybody left a little note of their own there for Mr. bush to read. The girl who gave me the flyer, the one from my health class, was behind that table. Stood and talked to her while I thought of something to write on the banner. I can't even remember what it was now. I was surprisingly social and communicative. Even when one of the women standing around reading all the things that had been written on the banner approached me and asked me what had brought me there. I stumbled for only a moment, considering saying my car had brought me. I told her and I felt good about my answer. It felt good to be around so many like-minded people.

Chewing gum, drinking coffee and eating cookies, making the world a better place with a future and taking a stand to keep it that way.

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