Claudia (missylala) wrote in mygirlheart,

Trapped by inequality

SAN FRANCISCO -- In a ruling with coast-to-coast effect, a federal judge declared the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional Tuesday, saying it infringes on a woman's right to choose.

U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton's ruling came in one of three lawsuits challenging the legislation President Bush signed last year.

She agreed with abortion rights activists that a woman's right to choose is paramount, and that it is therefore "irrelevant" whether a fetus suffers pain, as abortion foes contend.

In a statement, the Bush re-election campaign said: "Today's tragic ruling upholding partial birth abortion shows why America needs judges who will interpret the law and not legislate from the bench. ... John Kerry's judicial nominees would similarly frustrate the people's will and allow this grotesque procedure to continue."


We need to put our armor on and take to the streets and take back the world with our own bare hands held together in the sky.





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sadly, most people dont have the balls to make a fist.

i walk around all the time with my fingers clenched around the edges of the flag of revolution until my knuckles are white. the pain, hope and frustration of millions funnels into one cause. and then the rubber bullets start zooming by like shooting stars. all the fire hoses in the world couldnt extinguish that fire inside.

but people dont get it. theyre lazy. theyre too busy with their lives going by their eyes to face anything else. especially something that could disrupt their reality, which is actually a fantasy.
I would say that it isnt about people not caring but about the misinformation that is fed and fed and fed and fed and fed.
I watched FOX news the other night for what felt like the first time ever and it was a special for parents about kids using meth.


something about if your lightbulbs are gone then that means your kids use meth and that you should search your teenagers bedrooms for things like salt and pieces of pens. BUT the main point was based in mistrust and fear. It was unreal but thats what most people in our country watch. Its like if we give people ridiculous things to worry about then they dont have to think about real things that need to be changed right now.

I am rambling and you can stop reading if you want...

Like the photos of the iraqi prisoners who were tortured...
things like that have been going on, of course they have. But no one even needed to think about it until naked bloody bodies were piled on the floor with a smiling American next to them.
Every person in America is that smile.
Even you and me.
Because we sit here on livejournal and bitch about the revolution and sipp at the supple swealtering cup of starbucks coffee that owns everything that we are.

I am being dramatic.

Maybe we should move to New Mexico and start an anarchist ranch so we blaze it all.
but until we do, we are just hanging out and worrying about our cell phone minutes and laundry to dry.
I guess we are all just trying to get to the post office.
the news is designed to strike fear into its viewers.

that fox news thing sounds like something from WEEKLY WORLD NEWS: "10 tell-tale signs that your children are trying to kill you." one of the signs was something about your child beeing moody. i was like "DUH. thats like 99% of all teenagers."

i was considering going to canada before this draft thing goes into affect. before they imprison us on every side; guarded border to the south and the north and oceans to the east and west. POOF! a prison. at least for males over the age of 18. but yeah, new mexico sounds good too.

i dont go to starbucks. :)